Moon Mill Studios - We're hiring!

Welcome to the Mill on the Moon! With coffee beans and solar winds we create unique and gameplay rich Virtual Reality experiences.

Our current project is undeniable Sci-fi love and it needs you [pointing at you, yes you!]. We are currently located in Greve/Copenhagen, Denmark.

If you would like to know more:


Company culture

As with any newly established company, an untiring drive and task flexibility is essential for getting the job done.

No idea is too crappy to bring up and no concept too good for critique. We make entertainment and we believe in a balance in the force - creative freedom go hand in hand with a sustainable business model.

What we offer

Did we mention you'd get paid to:

* Actual influence on design - it's expected
* Create Virtual Reality games
* Work on a Rogue-like Sci-fi game
* Establish a game studio from the ground up
* Be part of small team with flexible roles

NOTE: We are offering full employment for specific roles, not just project based employment.


We have multiple openings:
An Art Director, Gameplay Programmers and a Technical Artist.

Sought attributes for all:
  • You embrace user value and the business model as the goal of all your work.
  • You understand and can communicate game design on several abstraction layers.
  • You are curious and ask questions where others stay silent. In other words, you are proactive and somewhat of an energizer bunny. With freedom comes great self-driven-ness-ness.


"A handful of blue and a sip of pink, that's the composition choice that thou shall make. With a sombre tune and a weary soul, a game mechanic gesture is all we need! Really! Wait! We must have a fiddle!? I know! A story twist worthy of the Gods! Wait, do we have Gods in the game yet?"

The creative driver with no bounds and crazy talk to no end - and yet it all comes together just at the right moment. Creating and feeding love into your work - this is why you jump out of bed every morning - that is our Art Director, our all-seeing-eye (preferably not evil, though technically not a limitation either).

  • You have a fundamental understanding of colors and composition (Art Degree & Experience).
  • You see the bigger picture, bringing together all elements into a higher unity.
  • You have a solid toolbox of process and methologies to solve day to day challenges.
  • You communicate with ease.
  • You are creatively driven, yet rational in arguments. You leave nothing to chance.
  • You are pragmatic and not afraid to do the work yourself, such as producing 3D assets.
  • You can make the best of any limitation, finding opportunity at every corner.
  • Your attention to details is immaculate, and your project overview is inspiring.


  • Virtual Reality development experience.
  • Skills such as graphics design, marketing, animation, video editing/directing, audio etc.

IMPORTANT: This is a Virtual Reality focused company - 2D skills are awesome, but you are not a valid candidate without a strong 3D baseline.


Eager to learn, fast to master. Can't sleep - haunted by today's unsolved problems. Yes ... you "could" have gone for that bank job. But ... here's the thing - You've always wanted to make games. You make prototypes when no one is looking. You have a thing for it. You know it. A thirst which cannot be quenched.

  • You have a fundamental understanding of the technology we've built our digital era on.
  • You can code fluently in C#/C++ respectively.
  • You can (and like) working with frontend tasks, such as shaders, UI and controller inputs.
  • Strong mathmatical background.
  • You consume a variety of games, and can easily reference game mechanics within these - like a musician can separate the instruments from a song.


  • Any game development experience.
  • Virtual Reality development experience.
  • Portals and Console specific implementations.
  • Secondary skill-sets also, but there will be an abundance of coding!


You like getting your hands dirty. Why talk? You could slap something together quickly and show everyone just how COOL this will look and feel? Okay, maybe it wasn't a hit, but there is a bucket load of more ideas to solve this particular player behavior! You even made a little script and shader too - And don't even think for a second of deviating from your FBX-naming conventions...

  • You make stuff look FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC.
  • You have a fundamental understanding of 3D graphics, from Vertex to Rendering.
  • You have experience with at least one industry engine (Unity/Unreal) and can create content and integrate with ease.
  • You can understand and follow art direction with creative interpretations.
  • You understand the value of research and how to transform sources into production assets.
  • You can develop shaders (either through scripting or visual scripting shader tools).
  • You link/include material you've created in the last year or two to your MMS application.


  • Virtual Reality development experience.
  • Secondary skill-sets such as scripting, animation, particle effects, cooking, tool development ...

IMPORTANT: This is a Virtual Reality focused company - 2D skills are awesome, but you are not a valid candidate without a strong 3D baseline.

Apply now, while stock lasts! moc.soidutsllimnoom@ofni